What’s your review?


I just read this review about The Anthem Band. Anthem originated at our home church, Cornerstone Church of Ames and Bryan plays a mean bass guitar in the band. For the last few years, they’ve been writing original songs and last May recorded a live album. They were recently featured in Relevant Magazine (check out the ad on page 6). And NOW they’re popular enough to have a review on a Christian Blog.

The only bummer is, it wasn’t exactly a great review (Click here to read it).

When it comes to music, I’m not much of a reviewer. I don’t know anything about the musical technicalities or the tone of the instruments, or the correct ebb and flow of a good album. All I know about music is:

When I like it, I like it.

I may not know anything about anything when it comes to music, but I know that I can hear music and clearly define whether I like it or not.

And I will say this:

I like this album.

One thought on “What’s your review?

  1. With every new Anthem song introduced, I am at first unsure if I like it or if it is catchy. I sing along the first time it is played, trying to grasp what the song is. The sermon comes, we pray, we sing the song again and I am always in love with the song. It never fails. I think that these people that reviewed 1) Haven't listened to it enough 2) Haven't experience Anthem in the raw, God honoring way that we have.

    It is good opportunity for the band to be humbled. The critics don't like the music. But God does. At least they're pleasing the right audience.

    I love Anthem.

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