seven months in heaven.


Ah, marital bliss!

On this 23rd day of December we celebrate our 7 months of marriage. Is it heaven? No, it’s marriage. More specifically, it’s marriage in Iowa, which is a powerful combination.

Let’s have an update, shall we?

Some little things:

I have been lying this WHOLE time about when I became a christian. If you lie about when you became a christian does that negate the whole “saved by grace thing?” Crap. If it does. I’ve been telling everyone that I became a christian when I was 9 and that I got baptized on Easter. However, I was talking to my mom and she says (according to the church records) that I was baptized in December of 1996 (How could confuse snow with flowers?). And I was only 8 then. But an old eight, I was basically as good as 9, right?

Bryan is so close to being able to whistle! He’s whistled a few times now and he practices for at least an hour everyday. I’m so proud of you, Bryan!

I have been watching waaaahay too much tv lately. I love watching the Office and Heroes with Bryan but on top of those shows I’ve been hooked on Project Runway, Glee, and Parks & Recreation. Wait there’s more! We’re currently watching every season of LOST before Season 6 comes out in February. We’re almost done with the 4th Season. Also, I’m obsessed with Gilmore girls. If you’re looking for a last minute Christmas gift, I’ll take all seven seasons of it please.

As far as other hobbies go, we both continue to read. Bryan just finished Frankenstein and he’s about to start re-reading the Harry Potter Series over break. I’m reading Blue Like Jazz and still need to finish the last four books of the Chronicles of Narnia Series.

I have been playing an online game called Cargo Bridge. And I’m darn good at it too!

Some big things:

We are absolutely, completely, totally DEBT-FREE! Don’t believe it? I’ll bet my bottom-dollar on it. (What the crap is a bottom-dollar, by the way?) That was one of our big financial goals for 2009. After a lot of hard work towards this goal, our debt was ultimately dominated when we were given a huge gift from Bryan’s parents. (We love you!) Yippee! I’m more excited than Hillary Clinton:

We are MOVING! Whoa? (wow.) What? (we’re moving.) Really? (yeppers.)
First of all, thanks to those who have been praying for us about this! Here are some Q&A’s I came up with:

Q: You’re pregnant.
A: No, I’m not. We’re moving.

Q: Where are you moving? Across town?
A: Actually, across the state. We’re moving to Iowa City.

Q: When are you moving?
A: Next summer, as early as possible!

Q: Are you quitting your job, LisaGrace?
A: Usually moving entails a job change, so yes. I’m quitting my wonderful job. I will miss it!

Q: WHY are you moving to Iowa City?
A: We will be apart of a church plant there. Our home church, Cornerstone is starting a Salt Company and a Cornerstone of Iowa City.

Q: Why are YOU moving to Iowa City?
A: To be honest, this was not part of “the plan.” I should be freaking out right now. I should not be okay with throwing away our main source of income and moving to a completely different place and having no idea what kind-of job I’ll be able to get. BUT, seeing as I’m not freaked out, not even in the slightest, kind-of makes me think that the Holy Spirit turned off the worry section of my brain and turned on the overwhelming sense of “God will provide.” And that makes me think we’re suppose to move. So we’re moving because I’m not freaking out about moving, make sense?

Q: What will you do in Iowa City?
A: First on our list is to swallow our Cyclone pride and become Hawks. (heavy sarcasm there, we really could care less!) No really, it’s pretty simple. We’ll move in. Bryan will transfer to Iowa. I will get a job (hopefully). And we’ll live life there. We’ll get to know our neighbors and love anyone we meet. We’ll share the Good News as God leads us. It’s like a long-term mission trip, with the perk of only being 2 hours away from Ames. : )

2 thoughts on “seven months in heaven.

  1. BAH! why is it that in cargo bridge, sometimes one part of your bridge is fine and the other part breaks, so you work on the other part, but when you retest it, they both randomly break!? i'm losing my mind!

    thanks, lg. 😉

    i'm stuck at the level where you have to build two ramps in one place. BOOOOOO.

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