things i love thursday



ok, i know that was an easy one, but seriously, could i be any more blessed?

something i especially love about bryan today (as each day there seem to be new things to love about him) is that he allows me to give freely. a lot of times he even stretches me to give more. a few examples of this come to mind…

i tend to be a “bite off more then i can chew” type of person. at least half the time, because we’re married and all, he gets roped into my next and newest BIG idea. almost all of the time, he has a better attitude about it then i do! we a moment like this last week. i volunteered us for something i should have thought about a little more and bryan was such a trooper. he is sooooooo gracious to his wife.

also this week, i asked him if we could help someone out in a very small way. it wasn’t anything big, just a very minor inconvenience to us. what did bryan say? he not only agreed with such a happy heart but he also gave me a way to help them in an even bigger way! so fun!

also this week, i forgot to ask bryan if i could spend some of our money on a friend. its not like bryan would be livid at this anyway, but we really try to check we each other on everything, especially in this massive pay-off debt season we’re in. but rather then being frustrated with me, he celebrated with me that i found a great sale and wanted to give the result to my friend. i love his generous heart.

i love my husband. yes i do!

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