financial goals of 2009


Goal #1: pay off our debt!
we are super blessed to have two pretty great cars but unfortunately, both of our cars are the reason for almost all of our debt. we also owe on our wedding rings. and that is all the debt we have. thankfully, it’s not a huge number (around $5,500.00 after some big payments we made in june) and even more thankfully, we are both employed.
we are both committed to paying this off by november! this summer (july and august) we’ll hopefully be able to whittle this number down to $2,500.00 as bryan has been getting more hours (even some overtime this week!) at the bank.
paying off our debt is not only super fun, but it will enable us to pay for bryan’s college tuition entirely our of pocket-which is a huge financial goal for 2010 and 2011!

Goal #2: live within our means
this one isn’t as fun for me, but i’m certainly learning to make it fun. we have a pretty solid budget set-up right now. we’re almost done with our first month and we don’t think we’ll make any changes. this is great because we are technically living below our means so that we can pay over $1,000.00 each month on debt.
however, it is still difficult for both of us to not be tempted by the “extra” money we have. whether its the extra money we’re paying on loans each month, or the money in our emergency fund or just our “floater fund” we have in our primary checking account, we have both found so much we want to spend it on. but, so far, we’ve stuck to our budget and we’re faithfully saving for those things we really really want to buy.

Goal #3: give generously
ultimately we want to pay off our debt, pay for college out of pocket and live within our means so that we can give generously. we both agree that for “some reason”, we’ve been incredibly blessed. and it’s no secret that “some reason” is so we can give to those in need. i love that the prov31 woman is able to provide clothes for her family and servants and that she opens her hand to those in need. she is woman who works hard to make the most of what she has so that she can give the rest away. i want to be that woman and we want to be that family.

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