It’s the age I’ve always felt I should be


I’m 25 now.  
My grey hairs are noticeable.
I have an unreasonable amount of facial hair due to my Scandinavian heritage.
I’m re-committing to blog more.  

I am not sure how all of those admissions relate to each other, but they definitely relate to being 25.  25!

I’ve always thought I should be 25.  Ever since I was about 14, I thought to myself, “My life would make more sense if I was 25.”  and ever since I was 16, strangers began to mistake me for someone around the age of 25.  (I’ll blame that one on my Scandinavian heritage as well, being 5′ 11″ at 16 makes a girl look quite older)

So I’ve finally arrived at this age, the great 25!  Let me tell you now, my life is not what I expected it to be, but it is a sure thing that God has showered me with His immeasurable goodness.  

I have lots and lots of thoughts that I want to share, lots of things I want to accomplish and share with you, and lots of memories I want to recount here.  

So, back to my re-commitment.  
I commit to avoid coloring my hair until it’s absolutely necessary.  
I commit to allow a tiny Vietnamese woman wax my obnoxious chin hair off once per month.  
Finally, I commit to blogging regularly: my thoughts, my crafts, my memories, my life lessons and more.


Cheers to 25! 

One thought on “It’s the age I’ve always felt I should be

  1. i like these commitments… i’m looking forward to YOUR blogs so that i can pretend we are living in canada and hanging out with you guys.

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