paint chip calendar


this was a little bit of crafting fail, but i decided i’m still satisfied with the functionality and overall look. i LOVE having a calendar in the kitchen, especially a dry-erase one! bryan loves it too, and he said he thinks it looks cool.

of course i can thank pinterest for the idea, but i tend to forget to read the actual instructions/tutorials, i just look at the picture and do it my own way.

i used a 16×20 sheet of plastic that came from a poster frame, 30 green and yellow paint chips from lowes, and lots of mod podge, which didn’t end up drying very well on that sheet of plastic, oh well. i’m not really sure how it could have worked out better, but a friend on instagram asked if it was laminated. that’s not a bad idea and would eliminate the use of mod podge. but i don’t think the laminate would be as sturdy as the poster plastic.

i also suppose that instead of speculating with me on how to put this thing together, you could just look at the tutorial on pinterest that inspired this craft [which i still haven’t looked at by the way]!

happy crafting!

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