dreams and things

calculating kids

disclaimer: this post is not what you think it’s going to be.

since everyone knows how much of a tightwad i am, i thought i’d share just how far this can go. and it goes as far a dreams. not “i’ve got hopes and dreams” kind of dreams, but “i’m out cold, fast asleep, dead to the world” kind of dreams.

i dream about slightly altered versions of real life. and then the morning comes and i’m left wondering what’s real and what’s dreamland.

my dream sequence from the other night was as follows:

easily discerned as not real:
i was majorly flirting with a guy who was not bryan. i was practically drooling over him. i’m not going to say who, because there are some things in life that leave me red in the face, but it was bad. in reality, i’m happily married and as a bonus confirmation, i woke up next to my sleeping red-headed husband named bryan. also, this dream has nothing to do with me being a tightwad, it was just funny.

not real, but i wish it was:
i’m floating in water. i’m floating towards something. the something ends up being a bunch of assembly lines. i’m on an assembly line. and all the other assembly lines are full of the one thing i’ve been searching for: dryers for $50 each. hundreds of cheap dryers! i can choose anyone i want! a clerk comes to help me [i’m not on an assembly line any more apparently] and we look at tiny dryers and regular sized dryers and i pick the perfect one and i only have to pay $50 for it. can you tell our dryer is broken?

truly let down by the lack of reality:
the last dream i can remember from the other night was simply that i was driving around and my gas tank was almost full. when i woke up, i considered this, and determined that i must have filled up my tank on monday. when i got in my car to drive to work, i actually got angry at bryan for using over a half a tank of gas by driving 15 miles for adoleo practice last night. and then i remembered the dream. dang it.

i just need my dreams to actually dictate the future and i’d be set. except for the flirting part. sorry that i dreamcheated on you, bryan.

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