fabric flowers with tutorials


i made three different kinds of fabric flowers this week. i might be addicted.


the rosette
i found a great tutorial here for these little rosettes. i made 4 or 5 before i really got the hang of it, but after that it was a breeze! i never pass up a chance to use hot glue either. i love that i know how to make these because they are so versatile. they can go on wreaths, shirts, pillows, headbands, necklaces, etc.


the button flower
this tutorial uses felt to make these flowers, but i used regular old scraps of fabric because i don’t really love the felt look. but i loved this tutorial because of the buttons and the “S” formation [genius!]. these were much easier to make consistent flowers and once again, i love hot glue!


the target flower or the mikki flower
mikki, congratulations! you’ve now been mentioned twice on my blog!
my flowers were originally inspired by a hairpin from target, but made possible by my friend mikki, who made a bunch of this type of flower for her bridesmaids and as party favors at her wedding shower-what a cute idea! the only sad thing about these flowers is that there is no hot glue involved. it’s a shame really. i’m going to try to whip together a little picture tutorial later on today if i can figure out indesign.

as you can see, i’ve attached all of these to headbands. my adorable but bald niece is turning two next month and i’m working on a bunch of cute things to send her.

happy crafting!

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