she wasn’t always patient


a while back, i was thinking of my mom. as i was reviewing how awesome she was in my mind, i remembered potentially the best ami quote yet!

“collect your thoughts and get back to me”

now you know my mom wasn’t perfect, just in case you had the impression she was.

she would say this to us often. her time was precious, she had six mouths to feed, six dirty shirts every day, six heads to count at all times. and you know how children are, they call for your attention only to hmmm and ummmm their way through what could be a very short question.

i know i did this a fair amount of times, but i remember my brother adam being the worst. he would take so much time to ask a simple question.

so, in all her wisdom, she would look him in the face and say gently:

“collect your thoughts and get back to me, adam.”

he’d either spit it out right then and there, or he’d really have to collect his thoughts.

it worked like a charm.

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