the book list

the first 6 months of 2011 have completely flown by for me. i believe this to be the result of working a bunch and barely having time for anything else. but life has started to slow down-God is good! 
these past couple weeks have been blissful, i’ve slept a lot. like 10 hours a night some nights. it is seriously as if i’m catching up on all the hours of sleep i missed the past year. but sleep is boring, it’s not really worth it. i’m just as awake if i get 10 hours or 6 hours. i think i’ll go for a happy medium. but what i’m trying to say is that i want to be more productive with the extra time i have.  

i rather enjoy having a list of goals on my blog, it really motivates me to actually reach them. one of my goals is to read 20+ books this year. so far, i’ve finished three. like i said, i’ve been busy!

speaking of goals, craft of the week will be back next week! how excited are you?!

cheers to knowledge, recreation and relaxation. cheers to reading. cheers to book lists:
mortom by erik therme (not yet published, but very entertaining!)
a knitters home companion by michelle edwards
stuff christians like by jon acuff
on the list:
organized simplicity by tsh oxenreider
for women only by shaunti feldhahn
the life you’ve always wanted by john ortberg
sticky church by larry osborne
quitter by jon acuff
gazelles, baby steps and 37 other things dave ramsey taught me about debt by jon acuff
the appomattox saga series by gilbert morris
a lineage of grace by francine rivers
something (suggestions are welcome) by karen kingsbury
slaughterhouse 5 by kurt vonnegut
catch 22 by joseph heller
the grapes of wrath by john steinbeck
east of eden by john steinbeck
the hidden art of homemaking by edith schaeffer
that’s what i’ve got so far. my goal is not necessarily to read all of those books this year, but i definitely want to read at least 17 more books. 
any suggestions? 

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