i work at a church


now that i’ve been an official employee of veritas church for a week, i thought i write a blog post about what it’s like. but, i’ve been reading (yes, reading! for the first time in months!) a book called stuff christians like by jonathan acuff and i like his version of what my job is like. you can just go read his blog post and that should be good.

what’s that you say? i shouldn’t be publicly announcing that i’m the most powerful person ever? my bosses might read this you say?

okay, here’s my take on things.

i work at a church, so naturally, everyone i work with is awesome. it’s a requirement of staff members. if i was required to turn in a resume to get this job, i would have put I AM AWESOME right at the top.

anyway, everyone is awesome, and by awesome i mean really gifted and talented at what they do. and they don’t necessarily do details, which is where i come in.

so far i’ve done a lot of researching, contacting and booking venues for the upcoming school year. i’ve learned a lot of new things about our church database, and i’ve been introducing myself to a lot of people i’ll be working with in the future.

being at church on sunday actually did feel like work. but in an awesome way (of course). i really enjoyed having a part in such a great service. it wasn’t all about me, it was about the people who came for the first time or for the 50th time. i was definitely okay with that.

i don’t think i’ve screwed anything up yet, so i’m hoping that trend continues. and i’m still trying to figure out how to write a funny support letter that will also be taken seriously. it’s a difficult balance.


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