am i losing it if i…


accidentally and unintentionally purchase a car wash with my gas?
can’t figure out how to start the gas at a gas station i’d never been to?
can’t hear if the gas is pumping into my car or not, so i gently pull out the pump and thus spill gas all over myself?
was late to work?
spent 45 minutes grocery shopping at fareway only to get to the checkout line without a wallet?
get out to my car after apologizing profusely to the fareway employees, find my credit card sitting there and run back in to purchase said groceries?
after staring at two different gallons of milk in fridge for about a minute, i decide they are both skim and pick one, only to find out the next morning that the one i chose was whole milk?

all of the above happened in a very short period of time.

thankfully, i’m in ames right now, teaching geography to 7 year olds. even though i’m teaching from 8-5 and working a little from 5-8ish (that’s a 12 hour day), it still feels like a vacation. how sad is that?

yeah, i’m probably losing it. : )

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