homeschooling 101


part one-the basics of homeschooling in my house


do you want to know how i learned to read?

well, i followed my mom around the house when i was 3 and begged her to teach me. despite my persistence, she only managed to sit down and complete the first few pages of the abeka reader with me, which mostly taught me how to sound out vowels. i guess i can’t blame her, she did have a toddler and my two older brothers who were actually supposed to be homeschooling.

however, those first few pages were all i needed to be on the fast-track to reading everything i could get my hands on. it kept me busy until i was supposed to start school a year or two later.

that’s how i learned to read, i basically taught myself.

and that’s pretty much how we homeschooled in my family. we taught ourselves using the materials we were given. my mom was a very relaxed homeschooler compared to moms who teach their kids latin and stuff nowadays. don’t get me wrong, i think that’s amazing, but if we do homeschool our children [which we probably will for a time], i’ll probably do things more like my mom.

hopefully you don’t get the wrong idea, i truly feel all 6 of us duvick kids got a pretty stellar elementary education and we all started public middle school with ease. my mom just didn’t stress about teaching us creative lessons or worry about how to explain things just right. she just made sure we knew what we were doing at the end of the day.

to be continued…

please comment if you have any questions about how we homeschooled, i have two more short posts written for the next two weeks, but i’d love to answer any specific questions you may have about how my mom homeschooled six kids through elementary school!

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4 thoughts on “homeschooling 101

  1. I didn't learn to read that way. My parents just read to me every night, running their finger along the words while they read. They also talked to me, explaining whatever I wanted to know. All that was why when I started kindergarten, they wanted me to skip ahead to first grade.

    (Okay, I was an only child, so it was easier for them to focus on me) But, I was sort of home-schooled before school started.

  2. It's true that YOU pretty much taught yourself to read but it was a bit more labor intensive for the first 3 boys! (I just made it look easy) šŸ™‚

  3. Okay, seriously I could probably write a book of questions for you to ask your mom (and dad). Neither J nor myself grew up in Christian homes. But I want to know how discipline went down. So tackle that sometime.

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