‘member that time?


‘member that time when my family re-wrote that one famous car-x song? you know, the one where it’s all like, “rumble, rumble, clatter, clatter, piece of crap caaaaarrrrr? don’t worry, call the car-x man!” [those aren’t the exact lyrics, but you get the idea]

well, anyway, ‘member how we thought we were really clever to substitute the lyrics for our names? and ‘member how we had the perfect amount of syllables between all of our names, that it was almost as if my parents planned it that way?

for those of you who know the song i’m talking about, here’s the von duvick family version:

rolf, ami, luke and levi, lisagrace toooooo…..mark, adam and alyssa joy!

pretty amazing stuff.

[it’s ‘member that time monday at the van voorst‘s blog!]

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