neck hair


[you may have caught me, but i didn’t exactly meet the requirements of my goal to write three blogs a week every week. so this blog is mostly for the purpose of at least having 12 blogs for the month of february, even though they didn’t come out in a neat 3-per-week order. whatevs. ]

so, i was at work on friday, and aside from it being an extremely busy morning, i was feeling pretty good about myself. and rightfully so, seeing as i had woke up at 4:00am to shower before i went into work. pretty impressive for this girl who hates both waking up at 4am and showering.

well, i have news for you, the shower betrayed me. it almost ruined my life. and i’ll tell you how.

about an hour before i got off work, i scratched my neck. what did i find? two giant, albeit translucent, neck hairs. i’m certain no one noticed, but i could certainly feel their nastiness. all i could think was, “dang shower!”

maybe it had just been a while since i had actually scrubbed my neck clean, which i know is kind-of gross, but how many of you actually scrub your neck? you probably assume, like me, that it gets pretty clean while the shampoo is rinsing off your head or sometime during the shower experience. not so!

and when you do finally scrub your neck, which i’m sure you’ll all be super certain to do next time you bathe, be sure to check for newly unearthed neck hairs.

you’ll thank me later.

oh yeah, i finally got a picture up of the baby bear hat i made, check it out!

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