an important question…


bryan and i watched the LOTR trilogy over break. in case you were wondering, it was epic. but you probably already knew that. watching the movies did, however, cause me to question something.

how did they choose which hobbit to board Oceanic Flight 815?

it’s an important thing to consider and for your reading pleasure, i’ve considered it.

let’s first knock out what everyone else is thinking, isn’t Frodo Baggins the most likely candidate to board flight 815? we all know the island chooses the people, and Frodo was chosen for the greatest task in all middle earth! if the ring chose Frodo, why not the island? well, folks, let’s not forget about another island…the one that all the elves sail off to in the end. yep, Frodo goes with them, and there’s no coming back from there. which, i believe, is why the island didn’t couldn’t choose Mr. Frodo. plus, he’s kind-of girly looking.

so, what about Samwise Gamgee then? the best friend, the loyal companion, the big-hearted, home-loving hobbit also known as Rudy. why wouldn’t the island choose such an upstanding halfling? well, i propose that dear Sam had perhaps too much heart for the island. i mean, think about it, he would have over shadowed Jack in an instant. i can just see the disaster that was avoided…Jack would be all like, hey, we should do this and Sam would be all like, Mr. Jack, i’m just trying to help and everybody else (with Sayid leading the charge) would be all like Jack, i’m turning in my jersey if Rudy can’t play.

ok, i’ll admit it, we just watched Rudy a couple weeks ago too. but you have to admit, ever since the Goonies, Sean Astin has been type-casted as awesome, and the island just isn’t big enough for Sam’s heart.

then there is Peregrin Took, affectionately known as Pippin. the pipe-loving, barrel of ale he was, you have to admit he was loyal. for instance, when he stupidly touched that skeleton in the mines of Moria, thus causing the huge attack that ensued, he loyally fought with the fellowship. and when he stupidly looked into the seeing stone, he luckily didn’t think of Frodo and the ring. and when he stupidly gave his allegiance to the crackpot steward of Gondor, Denethor II, he did end up saving Faramir’s life. oh what am i saying, Pippin was the biggest fool of a Took there ever was.

we all know that it is Meriadoc (Merry) Brandybuck who gets chosen by the island and if the reasons above don’t support Merry for the Island in 2004, consider the following. who was brave enough to ride out to battle with the soldiers of Rohan? Merry. did any of the other hobbits fight in a real battle? hecks no. and who knew how to party like a rockstar? Merry. and who was a perfect shoe-in for a herion-addict character than a hobbit that can smoke a whole barrel of South Farthing Longbottom Leaf in a day? Merry.

case in point.

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