Back to Blogging!


Consider this blog my comeback blog.

I love blogging, I really do! I know it hasn’t seemed like it, as I’ve taken a little leave of absence for the past month. But really, truly, I’m back for good.
And if it gives you any comfort, nothing really exciting even happened in June. So there’s not much to catch you up on. We basically spent the whole month packing, packing and packing. There is one downside to loving organization (as I do) and having slight OCD (as I have): I’m usually alone in my organizational endeavors, namely packing.
I did most of the packing myself, that is correct.
Don’t get me wrong, Bryan tried to help, he begged me to help, and when I was exhausted enough to give in, I finally let him help. He’s so patient with his crazy wife.
Anyway, we said our goodbyes to many of our friends, I got to hang out with all of the fun high schoolers I know one last time. We had our last “Family Fun Night” with my family. We played Killer Bunnies with our Connection Group Homies. And we drove to Iowa City for good on Wednesday, June 30th.
We welcomed our first guest to our home on Thursday, July 1st. Our house was still completely in ruins, but Sara didn’t mind at all-she even helped us unpack.
Oh yeah, I also did most of the unpacking myself-why can’t I give up control?! : )
We went to IKEA on Sunday, July 4th, and got the furniture of my dreams. Seriously, I love everything we purchased. And I loved the prices even more. Who doesn’t love IKEA?
On Monday, we set almost everything up, and it took THE WHOLE DAY. I did not expect all of that build-it-yourself furniture would take so long to build-it-ourselves! Maybe we’re just extremely pathetic. That, or we got too many things at IKEA.
This post is already getting long. So I’ll leave you in suspense for the following posts:
  • Our trip to IKEA, and what we would do for the perfect couch.
  • Our new favorite store in Iowa City, and a Veggietale Lesson
  • I feel light-headed, is that gas I smell?
  • Termites! Oh wait, that’s just an Ant eating through the wood in our cupboard. What?!

2 thoughts on “Back to Blogging!

  1. hooray! you're back on the internets! woot woot! i'll write you a new letter here probably on monday once things settle into my day off.

    it's nice to hear things are going well 🙂

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