75% of One Year DOWN


Our marriage turned 9 months on February 23rd, which is pretty exciting. Think about it, we could’ve had a kid by now, sheesh! Seriously, we’re happy to have yet another month under our belt. Here’s a current picture of us:

You know, it hardly seems like we’re newlyweds anymore, I feel like we’ve been married forever. Bryan is more my family than anyone, it’s as though we’ve always had this natural rhythm of life together. I say this a lot when asked about my marriage, but it’s true: I highly recommend it!

Some Updates:

We made it through the month without going over our grocery budget! It was great to clean out our fridge and cupboards a little. But it will be even more great to have food in the house after a big grocery shopping trip tomorrow!

I’ve been keeping pretty disciplined in exercise, budgeting, and reading! It’s been really great to feel like I’m accomplishing much more during my day.

However, God has really convicted me about how very undisciplined I am in reading my Bible everyday. I’ve felt so proud of myself these past 4-5 weeks, but God gently asked me, a few days after the Lent season started, “What impact are those things having in the Kingdom? Why is health, money, and education more important than Me?”

So I decided to start a Bible read-thru. I’m praying that God would help me to exercise discipline in this most important area of my life first and foremost.

Bryan and I switched sides of the bed the other week. That was fun! I’m still getting used to not being right next to alarm clock. Which is a little inconvenient because I can’t see more than a foot away without my glasses on.

Bryan has been pretty busy with the Anthem Band, they’ve written a lot of songs and are starting the recording process.

Bryan also went to the Chiropractor and his daily headaches ceased for the first day in a long time-praise God!

This next month will be a really busy month for us, but I won’t spoil all of the updates now. Until next month!

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