2/3 of a year, that’s what eight months is.


I just want to clear the air and say that I am totally guilty of back-dating this post (among others) to match the correct anniversary date. Whatevs.

I’m deeming this past month as the month in which God has faithfully answered ALL of our prayers. Seriously, every single one. So that’s the kind-of update you’re getting today.

Prayer #1
Please please please, God, help Bryan get into Stat 226.
started 11/13/2009
answered 1/12/2010

Basically it’s a pre-requisite for EVERY business class and he couldn’t really take much (at U of I) until he had this class under his belt. However, as a transfer student, he had a late registration date, and all classes were full by the time he got things straightened out with the Admissions office. So we checked and checked and checked but no one dropped the class prematurely. So Bryan ended up just going to class on the first day and asking the Professor if he could join. By the end of the week, he was in! Yay!

Prayer #2
God, I need a job in Iowa City that will provide for us while Bryan is in school. But I want to have a ministry with women my own age. I don’t really want to work with 100% males (as I do now) or with Old ladies in a Clerical Position. Show me what you want for me.
started 11/30/2009
answered 1/15/2010

See this post for more details!

Prayer #3
God, we know we’re going to take a pay cut by moving to Iowa City, but we still want to try to stay completely out of debt through college. Show us what you will do.
started 11/30/2009
partially answered sometime after that, partially answered 1/18/2010

God has really softened my heart towards Student Loans. They’re not evil and I need to be thankful that we are out of debt now, and not be upset if we don’t get through college with no loans. After all, we’ll have very little debt even if we do have to take out a few loans. Well, not only has God provided a job for me in Iowa City, but He provide a pretty sizable tax return as well! After we receive our refund, we’ll be putting about 1/2 of this Fall’s Semester Tuition in the bank! Hooray!

Prayer #4
God, we want to say, “yes” to whatever you have for us, give us opportunities here in Ames to say “yes” to.
started 1/1/2010
answered all the time

We’ve had so many more opportunities to hang out with friends and new people and people that don’t know Christ than we’ve ever had before in our marriage! We’re busier and more actively seeking out relationships and connections so that we can invest in the people in the here and now. This is something we really hope to apply easily in Iowa City as well!

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