just kidding, i don’t care. just kidding, i love iowa state. just kidding, i don’t. just kidding, of course i love the cyclones, i’ve lived in ames my whole life. just kidding, i’m not cheering for anyone. just kidding, who else would i cheer for? just kidding, go hawks! just kidding, just kidding, just kidding.

have you ever seen this lady?

ahahahahahahaha. so funny.

the above basically explains why i haven’t been blogging: our lives are so uninteresting right now that all have to keep you entertained are random clips and movie reviews. (see previous post)

uninteresting is NOT a bad thing though. we’ve gotten into a very normal, steady stream of life. everything is really great actually. like i said in my last post, bryan and i are definitely having the most fun in our marriage ever. our apartment is slowly coming together as a home. bryan has been very disciplined in his work, school and ministry. he seems to have developed a good schedule in which he’s not so overwhelmed with everything. and i have too. i’ve developed a perfect balance of work, high schoolers, time with bryan, cooking and cleaning and small projects.

confession: the only thing that’s missing for me is time with God. why is it so easy for making dinner, organizing something or going to work to take priority over what might be the most important part of my day? well, i think a simple answer is that feeding my family and going to work and keeping things sane around here are priorities of the day. bryan and i do need to eat.

here’s the real dilemma though: i love being a wife. i’ve never been more joyful in the mundane tasks of the everyday. i’m really content. and even more, Christ is doing things in and around me in the midst of my being a wife and especially a high school small group leader!

so, i think that’s the real answer. everything i’ve ever asked to have when i’m 21 years old has been given to me. and i’ve just never been able to figure out how to be content and in need of God. i’m either crying out in bitter need and seeking His word daily, desperate to see Him move. or I’m content and happy with my life and occasionally seeking His word, without much passion.

however, i KNOW that the Bible, being the book it is, has wisdom for the content heart as well as the weary. and i definitely know that God wants MORE for me and those around me then i could ever imagine, so being content is somewhat silly. and i know that seeking Him daily will also prepare me for the day which i am not so content. all in all, it sounds like i should quit writing and start hanging out with God.

if you are willing:
please pray that i can learn passion in times of contentment.

wow, i just looked at the title of this blog, ha, bet you weren’t expecting THAT!

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