two months down…


…forever to go.

today is our two month anniversary and it’s time for another update-lucky you!

we continue to learn a lot about what this whole marriage thing is about. here are some of those things:

  • moving is a challenge. and an especially challenging one for two very different people. when bryan and i moved in together, we didn’t really have any problems because i had the mentality of “we’re only going to live here for two months, so it doesn’t matter if it looks like a bomb hit it 24-7.” but now that we’re getting ready to move into our semi-permanent “home,” my own personal stress levels are high. i really want this new apartment to be a haven for my husband and i, not a wreck. but we have so much stuff and did i mention we’re moving into a much smaller apartment? yeah, it’s difficult. but on tuesday, bryan lead us in prayer about the situation and the Holy Spirit led my heart to this conviction, “more then cute decorations, matching furniture, and tidiness, our home needs to be centered around godly living and led by the Holy Spirit.” we prayed this over our home and it was a huge breakthrough for me. i’m still overwhelmed, but i’m getting my priorities straight.
  • being away from eachother for 80 hours is not fun. for two people who have been the kind-of best friends that talk and see eachother every day for 3+ years, leaving bryan home for 4 days was a challenge for both of us. the bright side is bryan got in some great friend time (but he missed seth a lot) and i got to see God working in lots of big ways in minneapolis, mn. you can read my post about it here.
  • shiny new toys are more fun if you have the money for it. we are so stinking blessed. period. we love that we can afford nice things like a new tv. we love that we can take advantage of the sales because we have cash saved up. and we love treating ourselves to something really fun while working so hard to pay off our debt and pay for school with cash.

that’s all i can think of right now, but there you go!

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