i turned 21 a week ago! woohoo!

i don’t have pictures of allll the birthday festivities that took place but let me tell you, i had the best birthday EVER! here was the line-up:

friday, june 26th: avett brothers concert
this was soooooo fun. we have the most fun friends and the music was AWESOME.

here’s a picture of audra, joel, me and bryan eating at spaghetti works before the concert
this is the amazing opening band. they had every element that i love about my favorite bands.
band name: samantha crain & the midnight shivers, i asked the birthday fairy (bryan) to get me a cd. he did! : )
and the avett brothers, these guys were boss.

saturday, june 27th: land of adventures!
mikaela hooked me up with some sweet free a-land tickets and it was a birthday miracle indeed! bryan and i rocked the rides, ate gyros, funnel cake and corn dogs, and got really sick on the galleon.

this is my alltime favorite a-land rollercoaster: the tornado (of death)

we then left and headed to hickory park in ames because i NEEDED to be sung to by the hickory park people. last year, we went to hp on my birthday and bryan FORGOT to tell them it was my birthday, we even ordered ice cream! he only realized that he didn’t get the discount on my ice cream. i was pretty ticked but i promise i’m over it. ok, well, i got over it when i got my redemptive birthday song this year! : ) sorry, i’m out of pictures because our camera died at adventureland. too many adventures…well, here’s too good old fashioned “word pictures!”

monday, june 29th: i’m 21! woohoo!
due to the weekends amazing birthday events, we opted for a simple meal of b-bops and free coldstone ice cream. it was so good to have a little date with bryan and to not have to cook anything on my birthday! i was soooo full from the yummy food that when we got back to the apartment i just dropped on the couch and started shouting things like: “BIRTHDAY COMA!!!!!!” and other strange things. i was glad bryan and i were just going to get to sit around and do nothing. i wanted to read my bible and hang out with God and bryan wanted to pray through Operation World with me. the book was in our room, and he tried to get me up but i didn’t want to walk all the way to our room! he finally got me up and we went and prayed for some nations and called it a night.

surprise! just kidding!

there were a bunch of people hiding in our room! it was a surprise birthday party for me. and yes, they heard all my random yells because i really was convinced it was just me and bryan in our abode. definitely wasn’t expecting it at all!

then we all walk out of my room and SURPRISE! another group of people were hiding in the other room and decorated the rest of the apartment while we were in the bedroom! at this point, i definitely started jumping up and down! : ) it was awesome! thanks to all of you who were there!

tuesday, june 30th: new driver’s license
i strategically waited until after my 21st to get my name changed on my driver’s license because i wanted a “big girl license.” seriously, the sideways licenses are soooo cool! here’s a picture-i have a neck like a giraffe!
i’m legally 21 AND LisaGrace Alsbury! : )

friday, july 3rd: day-off and alcohol
my bosses decided to give me a day off for my birthday! actually it was just a holiday day because of the 4th. but still, AWESOME. i walked with my mom, hung out with paige, and did nothing. then bryan and i went to the cafe where our friend joel works (same joel from above). joel is seriously the best bartender EVER and i was adomate about being served my first alcoholic beverages from him. he gave me the tastiest drinks too! don’t worry-no drunkenness here! i highly recommend the key-lime martini if you’re going to the cafe anytime soon!

sunday, july 5th: family birthday dinner
my mom made me chicken divan and fluff & blueberries. it was a great finale to a wonderful week!

as you can see, it was an extremely amazing birthday extravaganza!

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