praises up!


how great is the God that we serve?

the answer is, clearly, beyond what i can even express in words. God has provided soooo much for bryan and i in the past two weeks. He is always providing for us, don’t get me wrong. neither one of us has ever felt that we don’t have enough.
but He has gone over the top (i mean, waaahhhayyy over the top) this time and it’s been so awesome to be reminded, once again, of just how deep and wide his love is for us! if you want to hear more about the major blessings that bryan and i have encountered, just ask me sometime-i’ll be beaming about it for a while yet!

though our human words can never be enough to describe the wonder that is our God, i do believe that He enjoys our humble strivings to bring Him praise all the same. bryan and i love worshipping our God (although, bryan’s a little “better” at the musical aspect of worship as he worshipfully and skillfully plays his bass and other instruments, while i scream offkey in my car and at church).

because bryan and i love worshipping God, both musically and otherwise, i am so excited to update you on the latest developments in our wedding planning saga. we finally confirmed all of our musicians-we only have five! trust me, that’s a miracle, if you know bryan at all! we just met with jeff dodge this morning to discuss the format of our ceremony and it basically consists of music, music and music. it’s fantastic if you ask me. we decided a long time ago that we wanted our wedding and, more importantly, our married life to glorify God in the best way possible. bryan, being the musician and visionary that he is (i’m so thankful for his vision-he captivates my rule-oriented and planner heart and gets me so excited for what God can do!) came up with the idea of starting and ending our wedding ceremony in worship. what a good idea, bryan!!!!!!! he’s a genius, i tell you!

we have it all worked out, so i suppose you’ll just have to come to our wedding to see how great it is!

so anyway, i just wanted to encourage those who read this (which i know, is few) to think about new ways to worship our amazing God, both in good times and in bad. this is challenge i’ve been hard up against for probably close to a year now. it’s been a rough year for me and while i LOVE God, i struggle to worship Him when i feel sad, or lonely, or whatever. it’s been a battle to read scripture regularly. i don’t want to talk to Him, and i know that’s when i need Him most. but even in my bitter state, i think God still loves to hear my offkey screams, crying out to Him, pleading with Him to let me please Him and run to Him once again.

He always opens His arms and says, “get over here, kid.”

2 thoughts on “praises up!

  1. a sacrifice of praise, is what you do when you don’t feel like it. It’s easy peasy, when things are going smooth…it’s when things aren’t, when it costs you something, that God knows you really love Him.
    I told you I read your blog!

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